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babies and then killing them in cold blood. the defense says it is a racist prosecution of an inner city doctor doing his best for poor women with no where else to turn. now, the jury would hear from people who actually worked in the clinic. what they saw. and what they did. march 18 began a five week parade of witnesses for the prosecution. to peter boyer, the trial testimony lent a new dimension to the who are horrifying dimensions of the grand jury report. >> the first employees to testify was adrian mot testimony o. she told the court that she had snipped the spines of ten babies who had been born alive. she did these things and was asked did was that murder did you consider it wrong. she said at first i didn't. >> bret: the testimony captured for boyer with the german philosopher talking about the holocaust called the benality of evil. >> another are woman who gave testimony, a young woman named linda williams. she talked about the snipping of the spinal cord and she was asked did you have any aware eps that this was murder and she -- awareness that that was murder and she told the
know nothing, and so after one crisis after another, the only defense is ignorance. the only defense is i was out of the loop. that alone raises questions on so many different scandals that the best defense you have is that you didn't know what was going on? i think that falls into this idea of competence in the white house and competence in our leadership, and that will get to be an exacting problem. >> investors should be happy in the sense, and i do think, charlie, this impedes the president's agenda if not for now. >> neil: you would welcome that. >> the market welcomes it, too. it's certainly a speed bump. to your point, steven miller could tell you it was poor planning, it was nonpartisan, and by the way, we were trying to be more efficient making it a heroic action. he couldn't remember anything else. >> why isn't anybody scared to death about the fact that this scandal is in the irs? we're increasingly at the mercy of this police force. it has greater and greater power. >> the system works, dagen. >> we've got a whole i new set f tax brackets. >> this isn't about the tax code
an already scheduled meeting with defense secretary panetta and martin dempsey. he says that he wanted them to deploy forces as soon as possible. the next time that he shows up is that hillary clinton says that she spoke to him at around 10:00 at that night after the attack at the consulate had ended. question, what did the president do the rest of that night to pursue benghazi? >> well, the president was kept up to date on this as it was happening throughout the entire night from the moment it started until the very end because this is critically -- this is a horrible tragedy. these are people that he sent abroad whose lives are at risk. people who work for him. i recognize there is a series of conspiracy theories republicans have been spinning about this since the night it happened. there has been an independent review of in. congress held hearings. we provided 250,000 pages of the documents up there. 11 hearings. 20 staff briefings and everyone has found the same thing. this is a tragedy. the question is not what happened that night. the question is what are we going to do to move forwar
of benghazi and we have huge gaps. i think it is instructive that the defense changed from one of nefarrous intent to one of gross incompetence. and the other thing that is instruct and i have informative. yes, we misled you and lied to you but not the reasons you think. if that is your defense yes, we lied but not for the reasons you think. you have problems in the administration. i want to know everything that understand in benghazi and why the security was not in place. and i want to know whether there were assets on the way to benghazi when the siege ended. and i want to know who told susanne rice to go on the five sunday morning talk shows because secretary of state clinton should have been the one to do that. >> there was no mention of the youtube video. we don't know who was responsible for cooking up the idea and why it was used. >> no, we don't. there is no one left in the western hemisphere that thinks that the video had going to do with the attack in benghazi. keep that in mind. it was not only susanne rice. jay carney spokes person for the lead world said he had concrete evidenc
's ever testified in his own defense. on wednesday he was allowed one hand to be unshackled so he could explain evidence presented to show how his former attorney had poorly represented him in his 2008 case. that case centers around charges of theft and taking hostages at gun point in a las vegas hotel room as o. j. simpson was trying to reclaim memory beihl i can't. he said gantter not advised him well enough on what to do in that attempt to claim his things back and that the attorney was too dominant a character that he dared question his judgment. take a listen. >> yale is in charge. he makes no bones so that everybody that works with him knows that he's the guy that's in charge and it goes through him. he would tell me often not to talk to them, just talk to him. >> in response to that on friday, we saw an infuriated galanter make a heated outburst about the accusation being insane. e pes watching the exchanges say actually things appear to be falling into o.j.'s favor. >> if you look at the way he was this week on the witness stand and just use the other people as comparison, unbel
three short-range missiles. a senior u.s. defense official confirming some nonprovocative testing. recently north korea moved two missiles believed to be capable of reaching guam. >>> a classified report from the pakinstani government obtained by fox news revealing that the pakinstani doctor who helped the u.s. track down osama bin laden was convicted on bogus charges. the report also showing the doctor was denied, denied political asylum in the u.s. >>> the ntsb is investigating the scene of the train collision in connecticut that injured 70. listen to this passenger describe the rush hour crash. >> kind of in and out of consciousness. kept asking the same question over and over again. i kept telling her, we're on the train. it crashed. >> jamie: over 700 people on those trains. three of the injured remain in critical condition. >> kelly: the nation's mid section under severe weather threat right now and several states, including nebraska, kansas and oklahoma being threatened by possible tornadoes. meteorologist janis dean is live on the fox extreme weather center. this is someth
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here, not always on the defensive as they were early last week. >> jamie: my discussion with you is somewhat academic, coming up next segment we'll have the trust in government. one of the questions i want to ask you, for those sitting at home following this for the first time, maybe they watched the hearings that were so compelling -- they may be asking themselves about the appointment of the person that we now know was in charge of overseeing this exemption scrutiny to a greater degree, to on now be the one to implement sara ingraham, of course. to now see the overimplemented it's of obamacare that many people will be relying on their future healthcare. is that a red flag? is eight red herring? what is it? >> it could be a red flag depending on what the investigation turns out to be. what did she know. did she know a lot and not tell congress. was he is in the middle of this. you have to have the trust of the irs as well as hhs as they implement this big, huge landmark law. the obama administration knows that. if she is tainted by this scandle, that is something they are going
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to a green person. is there any defense? >> if this happened and i say in because we do have -- >> where have i heard that before? >> organization that's clearly biased against the epa, but if this happened, i think the president is going to have more heads roll in the same way that we've seen him come down hard oo the irs, same thing will happen at the epa. he said it's intolerable, inexcusable. public service iswi a solemn privilege and he will uphold that. >> let me get wayne inly. so benghazi, the irs, ap, now the epa. where does it stop? does it stop? >> jehmu, all due respect, the fact the competitive enterpriseh institute is 93% of the cases was turned down when in fact, 90%, they submitted these, 90% of the time when it was a green company, their fees were waived. so this is a fact.v they areed deliberately prejudid against people who are not greee and prejudiced for people who are green. that's not the role of government, my friend. that's the pe role of a totalitarian king or dictator. we've got to stop this.r >> the notion that the president is going to come out and say, this is
was over. he didn't talk to the secretary of defense. he didn't talk to the chairman of the joint chiefs. who was he talking to in. >> the national security staff. the security council. >> was he in the situation room? >> he was kept up to date throughout day. >> i don't remember what what room the president was in. the premise is that somehow there was something that could have been done differently that would have changed the outcome here. the accountability board has looked at this. it's a horrible thing, what happened i. the ambassador goes missing. the first ambassador in more than 30 years is killed. four american, including the ambassador are killed. dozens of americans are in jeopardy. the president, at 4:00 in the afternoon, says to the chairman of the joint chiefs to fly forces, no forces are deployed. where is he? >> this has been testified to -- >> no -- no one knows where he was or how he was involved. there were no forces. >> the suggestion of the question is that somehow the president allow audio [overlapping dialogue] >> i want to know what the answer is. >> the assertion
is this in the scandal scheme of things in. >> well, i think it's going to get very serious. i mean, one of the defenses of this, or one of the arguments that's been made by the other side is this is always happened going back in presidencies, using the irs, fdr did it, jfk, lbj, nixon most famously. but wait a minute, they're not saying in all of these presidencies lower level, rogue irs employees were doing it. they're saying the presidency did it. and i think in this case, what we're going to see here is the question is to what extent was the white house or the presidency involved one way or another? there is one more point to make about this, paul. this could get to the point where it will involve legal issues. in other words, people will have legal exposure to what they did. when the f.b.i. investigates, government employees or even these irs officials, cannot lie to the f.b.i that is a crime. so i think the truth is going to finally begin to leak out. >> kim, you wrote this week that, in fact, this scandal started at the top when you meant president obama. what do you mean by that, 'cause right no
for secretary of defense leon panetta. >> good job tonight. >> hours earlier a team of navy seals from seal team six had boarded a c 130 aircraft in total darkness. they parachuted into the somali night and sighently made their way to jessica on foot. instantly the night erupt inside gunfear as the kidnappers and seals exchanged shots. when the fierce firefight was over, all nine somali pirates were dead and jessica and her colleague were safe. they were rushed to blackhawk helicopters and whisked away to freedom. in washington obama finished state of the union address and called jessica's father. he said she has been rescued by the seal team and is on her way home. jessica and her husband eric have moved back to the united states and written a book about the ordeal called impossible odds. they join me now. welcome home. >> thank you very much. >> sean: nice to meet you. versus a great honor. eric, nice to meet you, sir. >> thank you. >> sean: this story is compelling. you went there for the noblist of reasons. you wanted a lot of land mines in the area and tell us what your goal was. you wanted
for a retrial on grounds his lawyer, he claims had botched his defense. we're back to o.j. again. he is media magnet. why? >> he a media magnet he a celebrated person as ever been tried for murder. that is enough right there to keep him on front pages or front pages of the publications of grocery store line. we can't get enough of him at some level. some number of us at table see less of him and not more. >> jon: fame is owl it takes. >> he was a famous guy in his day. look, on the tape he said he was innocent. back in 1994 he said he was innocent. >> jon: the media were not so kind to him. "new york post", o.j. does lard time. that was their headline. the daily news in new york also wrote, grow j. -- he put on about 40 pounds in prison. judy a football fan as you are. >> absolutely. i missed him on tv. if he does get a new trial we'll have another round of o.j. many legal experts think he deserves one. get used to it. >> one of interesting lines, o.j. was complaining about the way the tabloids had reported on him. he said, they've actually reported that i've been cut up. if i were o.j. i wou
in defense for himself. he's never done it beforine even in the murder trial. he denoticed knowing his friends and he claimed he was drunk and impairing his mind at the timement galanta exploded in fury as he was pressed on whether he encouraged o.j. simpson to meet with sports collectors while they were packing weapons. >> mr. simpson never told me the night before that he was going to go in the palace station with a bunch of thugs and that he asked to bring guns and keep people in the room and forcibly take his property back and the insulation that i would have blessed oregon anybody else that practiced law is insane. >> he didn't stop there. he also said he didn't think o.j. simpson was intoxicateed when he went to the meeting. >> it is something to play out and how likely is o.j. simpson to get a new trial? >> final arguments have to be submitted in writing. yesterday, there is no jury and just a judge. she will issue a written decision. experts say o.j. simpson put on such a good performance in comparison to galanta that luck could be on his side. >> if you look at the way he was
about what was unfolding. democrats coming to her defense and republicans saying that's not true. that time line doesn't mesh she did oversee the subordinates who knew what was going on with the irs. >> let's be clear, there was not a single tea party group to receive irs tax exempt status for 27 months. meanwhile all kinds of left wing progressive groups got their status including flakey ones, a flake charity called the barack h. ba ramah in alexandria virginia is not even real and they got it in 32 days. >> so fast the turnover for any democratic. >> not just the republicans being prevented from entering into political debate democrats got fast tracked. >> alisyn: curious to see how much money people make and look at their paychecks. this is what has been published about sarah hall ingram when she was in charge. in $2,009,179,000. almost $180,000. her salary went up during the course of those three years with bonuses. can you see she got some significant bonuses to $212,000 in 2011, $203,000 in 2012. >> tea party members saying and tea party groups saying this absolutely cannot
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)